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Independent Aviation Safety provides objective safety analyses of aircraft operations and maintenance, airstrips, offshore helidecks and more. We specialise in providing discreet, high quality service to the petrochemical and mining industries, multi-national corporations, governments and private individuals. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate manageable risk and improve transport efficiency.


John has over 30+ years of professional piloting experience. Following a military helicopter flying career he trained as an aviation safety auditor and safety management system developer with Shell Aircraft Ltd, prior to forming his own consultancy focusing on Corporate Aviation and pre-Charter Safety Audits. He has completed an ISO 9000 Lead Auditors course and conducted safety audits in over 18 countries, also conducting airline safety gradings using the OGP Forum methodology. He is a registered auditor for the IBAC International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO).


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John Connell


Colin has over 38 years in aviation with over 10,000 hrs of helicopter flying especially involving on and offshore oil field support. Having been trained in Safety Management Systems and having implemented Quality Management Systems in several aviation companies, he has conducted safety audits on aircraft operators ranging from airlines through the executive jet market to offshore helicopter companies in over 20 countries. He is a registered ISO 9000:2000 auditor specialising in Aerospace. He is a registered auditor for the IBAC International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO).

Colin manages his own company Flight Safety Services Ltd, which operates in close partnership with IAS.


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Colin Sole


Frank has over 30 years of experience in aviation as a holder of the UK CAA and US FAA engineer's licence. Having gained experience in a variety of aircraft including light twins, business jets and Airliners, he has held several positions ranging from Quality Inspector to Director of Maintenance in several countries, including UK . He has worked in several JAR 145 approved organisations holding various company approvals and foreign licenses. Having been trained in Auditing Systems, he has conducted safety audits on aircraft maintenance organisations and audited a wide range of executive jets to airliners in over 15 countries.


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Frank Chishti


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