Independent Aviation Safety

Independent Aviation Safety provides objective safety analyses of aircraft operations and maintenance, airstrips, offshore helidecks and more. We specialise in providing discreet, high quality service to the petrochemical and mining industries, multi-national corporations, governments and private individuals. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate manageable risk and improve transport efficiency.

IAS specialises in all aspects of aviation safety, especially Risk Management. We will advise clients on Safety Cases as well as reviewing Standard Operating Procedures for both the aircraft and the operation itself.

For the petrochemical and mining industries, IAS conducts safety audits of a company's flight operation and maintenance facilities using the Oil and Gas Producers' Forum (OGP) Aircraft Management Guide; universally accepted as ‘international industry best practice.' Using this standard, often enhanced by the client's own requirements, IAS evaluates on and offshore helicopter operations, general aviation charter, premium quality executive charter as well as conducting airline safety appraisals using the OGP Forum mechanism. One of our Directors was a major contributor in the development of the system and remains actively involved in the process.

With two registered auditors, IAS is also capable of certifying business aircraft operators to the International Business Aircraft Council's standards, known as the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations ( ISBAO ).

We take pride in a rapid response to requests and always furnish detailed reports within the specified time. IAS conducts audits in a constructive manner assisting companies in remote regions to meet the required standard; offering continued support after the audit at the client's request.



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